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Throughout my life, the arts have been my passion. I believe that all forms of creative expression contribute to our existence as sources for beauty, inspiration, and consolation. 


I was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania and am a graduate of Vilnius University where I  acquired a Masters of Arts Degrees in Journalism and Western European Literature.


Upon my arrival to Chicago, almost two decades ago, I began to paint and create watercolors.  “My color game,” as I call it, provides for the development of each work into a unique expression of fleeting moments and feelings.


My mixed media paintings are the material fragments of the memories inspired by the recollections of distant lands, cities or dreams. In my abstract interpretations of the surrounding world, color is the main medium for conveying a captured moment and its predominant mood.  


Through loose brush strokes, emphasized by precise pen and ink, I seek to create a sense of mystery, layered reality and complex but fragile ties among objects present in nature and our daily lives.


Using visual suggestions, I invite the viewer into an imagined landscape, city or room where a colorful, lively world lingers between the abstract and the representational. I seek to inspire a dialogue between art and a visitor. I seek to awaken the imagination, evoke personal memories, and liberate interpretation. Thus, I am reluctant to title my work, as every suggestion acts as a road sign determining a final destination.


My works have been exhibited in group showings at August House Gallery, Ed Hinkley Art Studio Chicago and the Lithuanian Youth Center in Chicago.

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Big City Asleep, 2016

Watercolour and ink, 2016 It always surprised me how silent it was in Chicago during early morning hours. I could hear only random sounds of a passing-by car, monotonous rumblings of a Red Line train, or a loner drunkard cursing cold winds. No usual cacophony of sounds that surrounds big cities during the day. Just silence.Apple Tree in a Blue City